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Let Chikan only exist in Hentai Manga


The word Chikan , also written as 痴漢(ちかん), refers to the act of sexually assaulting strange women on the tram or the train, the elevator, the night road. Men often have a whim on this sexual fantasy while in a crowded carriage, surrounded by the fresh and young body with the smell of sweat and perfume permeates, meanwhile, just in front of you, a big tight hip is rubbing and …

Nier hentai: you can count on 2B's hips


It is very absurd that the Dojinshi and Cosplay of Nier became very popular even before the formal release of the game ever published. I would say 2B's ass has made great contributions.

This Game was planted to focus on a small group of fans. Unexpectedly, because of a trial experience, It set off an upsurge in the ordinary player group: The heroine 2B was waving a giant sword towards …

Street of Rage doujinshi hentai


Today let's talk about the Street of Rage, which is one of the most classic fighting games on the game console. It was first released on Megadrive in 1991. It can be said that it stimulated people's passion and brought new vitality to "beat them". At first, only three characters participated in the competition: Adam Hunt, 23, a boxing expert: a slow but powerful and skilled air jumping warrior. I …



You may often see the term MILF in all kind of MAGs. The word "MILF" is an acronym that stands for "Mother I'd Like to F**k". It's usually used to describe a middle age mature female that is sexually attractive. The word is widely spread because of the film "American Pie" (1999). John Cho's character blurted this MILF out, when he saw a picture of his classmate's mother (Jennifer Coolidge). …